Nightmare on Puberty St.

An entertaining play with music about coping with peer pressure and early adolescence for students in grades 6-8.

The Best Me

A musical for students in grades K-6 to inspire them to eat healthy and be active.

Peace Signs

A live performance illustrating to upper elementary students how to resolve conflicts without violence.

The magic of theatre

Inspiring healthy choices for over 25 years.

Kaiser Permanente Educational Theatre inspires children, teens, and adults to make informed decisions about their health and to build stronger, healthier neighborhoods. Watch the video


PRESS: Television station KFSN ABC-30 Action News Live at Four highlights The Best Me

from KFSN ABC-30 Action News Live at Four: At least 6400 Clovis Unified third and fourth graders will learn the importance of a healthy lifestyle through songs and dance this week. Starting today and every day through Thursday, the school district is bringing Kaiser Permanente’s award-winning theater production The Best Me to students district-wide. The […]

Educational Theatre advisor receives American Academy of Pediatrics child advocacy award

Dr. Charles Wibbelsman, a longtime advisor to Kaiser Permanente Educational Theatre and health issues trainer for our performer/educators, recently received the 2015 Senior Section Child Advocacy Award from the American Academy of Pediatrics. Dr. Wibbelsman credited Kaiser Permanente Educational Theatre’s significant contribution to local communities and schools as essential in the advocacy work for which […]

Photo of two teens talking

Educational Theatre, teens talk peer pressure, cyberbullying, boundaries and consent

“Welcome to Our Successful Purpose Presentation!” Energetic, edgy music kicks off the 40-minute multimedia production in the high school auditorium. A slide flashes up on the screen: “Let’s talk about consent and boundaries.” A video clip starts, “Imagine this if you will…” More edgy music with a fade into close-ups of two main characters, acted […]

A collective effort to prevent obesity on Treasure Island

Treasure Island is not just an imaginary place in a book by Robert Louis Stevenson. Treasure Island, formerly a military base, is also a neighborhood in the San Francisco Bay. And it was recently the site of a special collaborative event centered around The Best Me. Together, the Treasure Island Homeless Development Initiative (TIHDI), the […]

Photo of The Best Me

PRESS: from Huffington Post, “Health Education Takes Center Stage”

The Institute of Medicine reports that students in kindergarten through 12th grade get only four to six hours of nutrition education per school year. In a culture where more than a third of young Americans are obese, it’s worth looking at what helps these students retain the information they need to maintain a healthy weight. […]