Inspiring children, teens, and adults to make informed decisions about their health and to build stronger, healthier communities.

Thriving School Programs

The Best Me (Grades K to 3)

A fun-filled 3-part web series, The Best Me follows 4 elementary school friends as they learn to be the best they can be while trying to save their school’s big talent show from cancellation. Along the way, with help from viewers and some fantastical new friends, they navigate life in a new normal and learn the importance of social emotional health, team work, healthy eating, and active living.

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Peace Signs (Grades 3 to 6)

Adjusting to life changes and a new learning environment due to the pandemic, students Jessie, Trina, and Alex realize some important lessons about empathy and resilience. With a little help from their science teacher, Mr. H, the young peacemakers-in-training discover the impact they can have on others and their community—and that sometimes, big changes we want to see in our world must begin with small changes in ourselves.

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Nightmare on Puberty St. (Grades 6 to 8)

Growing up might seem tough…but it doesn’t have to be a nightmare! Follow Jerry, Malika, Natalie, and Nick as they navigate the rollercoaster of adolescence and wrestle with the age-old question, “Am I normal?” A fast-paced web series followed by a livestreamed workshop, Nightmare on Puberty St. encourages students to talk about critical health issues and ask questions.

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Ghosted (Grades 9 to 12)

Will a student’s bout of anxiety allow others to create a safe space to talk about what they’re going through and what’s really going on? Ghosted is an up-close look of a single day in the life of 4 high school students as they navigate their relationships and support each other while facing harsh realities and many unknowns.

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Resilience Squad

A program that provides small arts-based workshops for students, mindfulness moments for conferences, and trauma-based approaches for teacher/student relationships. All parts of the program can be customized for students or educators to support social and emotional wellness and help build community within an organization or school.

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Resilience in School Environments: Understanding and Practice (RISE UP) is a learning session designed to foster resilience using a trauma sensitive approach to interact with students.

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