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We perform for public, private, and institutional schools, and for community organizations, conferences, and health fairs. Our programs are free of charge to schools and organizations who meet the technical requirements. To schedule a program, please use our online form. Once we receive and review your application, we will call to discuss performance dates and logistics related to the program. You may also call us at 1-877-353-2223 to speak with one of our staff.

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Additional information about programs with shows

Technical requirements for performances

  • An indoor space at ground level and accessible by a ramp or freight elevator (Please note: freight elevator ≠ wheelchair ramp)
  • A minimum 25′-by-25′ performance area
  • Minimum height from floor to ceiling of 10 feet for The Best Me and Peace Signs, and 15 feet for Nightmare on Puberty St. and Ghosted
  • For all programs with shows, a minimum of 2 hours for set-up before the show and 1 hour for break-down afterward
  • Our elementary school programs are performed on the floor (not on a stage) with students seated on the floor right up to the performance area
  • Our middle school performance is suitable for stages, gyms, and multi-purpose rooms, and students may be seated on the floor, in chairs, or on bleachers
  • All programs are self-contained, including our sound system and all theatrical set pieces; your school or venue does not need to provide a microphone or sound system

Minimum and maximum audience size

  • Minimum audience size per performance: 200
  • Maximum audience size per performance: 500 (may be flexible)

Performance length and multiple performances

  • All programs with shows are approximately 45 to 60 minutes, not including seating and dismissal. We usually need 2 hours to set-up before the show and 1 hour to break-down afterward.
  • We determine the number of performances for your school based on your school enrollment and room size. We need 30 to 45 minutes between performances to reset the stage, props, and costumes.

Parental consent and parent permission slips

As required by the California Education Code, Nightmare on Puberty St. requires parental notification since the program deals with issues of sexuality.

We recommend including notification about our program with your school’s comprehensive sexual health education program at the start of the year. If notifications have already gone out, or if your assembly was booked after the start of the school year, schools should notify parents no fewer than 14 days prior to the performance date.

Please note that parental notification is the responsibility of the school or school district. As of 2011, Kaiser Permanente Educational Theatre can no longer provide sample permission slips. Please check with your school administrator or district office for guidance, or see the California Department of Education website for more information.