The cast: (left to right) Matthew, Gisela, Jamella, and Eric

The Characters

Syd has been diagnosed with anxiety and experiences panic attacks. She talks about mental health freely with the people around her, and encourages the other characters to support their own mental well-being as well.

Andre is a star athlete, and has been struggling to feel like himself. He’s experiencing a lot of pressure, and expresses a sense of hopelessness and disconnection from his life.

Kayla is Andre’s girlfriend and the only person he’s told about what he’s feeling. She is very focused on figuring out how to help him. She isn’t sure where to turn, and is losing herself in the process.

Liam is getting into trouble at school, with bursts of anger, yet is also a curious person interested in those around him. His mother is living with substance use disorder, and Liam is struggling to feel supported in his family.

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