Themes: Mental Health, Equity, Vaping, Peer Pressure, Early Adolescence

Audience: Grades 6 to 8

Nightmare on Puberty St. is offered free of charge to schools and communities throughout northern California.

Educational Goals

Through this program, students learn

  • How to resist and overcome negative peer pressure
  • How to cope with depression and thoughts of suicide
  • That the changes occurring during puberty and early adolescence are a normal part of development
  • How their actions and words can impact others and themselves
  • The importance of seeking help from a trusted adult when going through a stressful or difficult situation
  • How community resources can help them get through stressful and difficult situations
  • The importance of social justice and equity

Program Information

  • 2 components:  web-based video(s) followed by interactive, livestreaming workshop
  • 2 options to view web-based video(s) (see information sheet [PDF] for more details)
  • 35-minute, livestreaming workshop, up to 125 attendees per workshop (up to 4 workshops per booking)
  • Target audience: middle school students, 6th to 8th grades
  • Priority to schools with higher percentage Free and Reduced Price Meals (FRPM)

Technology Requirements

  • In Class Preferred Option
    • All students have an individual device with earbuds to connect to video conferencing platform
  • In Class Alternate Option
    • Ability to project streaming video with sound from teacher’s computer and all students have an individual device, no earbuds necessary
  • Remote Learning Preferred Option
    • Chromebook, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer
  • Remote Learning Alternate Option
    • Smartphone

Parental consent and parent permission slips

As required by the California Education Code, Nightmare on Puberty St. requires parental notification since the program deals with issues of sexuality.

We recommend including notification about our program with your school’s comprehensive sexual health education program at the start of the year. If notifications have already gone out, or if your assembly was booked after the start of the school year, schools should notify parents no fewer than 14 days prior to the performance date.

Please note that parental notification is the responsibility of the school or school district. As of 2011, Kaiser Permanente Educational Theatre can no longer provide sample permission slips. Please check with your school administrator or district office for guidance, or see the California Department of Education website for more information.


Our mission is to focus on the most vulnerable communities. We use several factors to determine eligibility, including the Free and Reduced Price Meals (FRPM) program. If you have any questions about your school or community group’s eligibility, please contact us at 1-877-353-2223 to speak with one of our staff.