The cast: (clockwise from top) Karina, Derricka, Galen, and Saul

The Characters

Trina is smart and loves to dance. Even though other students tease her because she’s different from them, she tries to stay true to herself.

Alex‘s favorite thing to do is to make music. He wants to be a member of the conflict manager club, but he’s had trouble staying out of fights. His parents are recently separated, and Alex is learning how to deal with it.

Jessie loves basketball and is a popular player on the school’s team. She witnesses domestic violence at home, which is very scary for her. She takes out her frustration and anger on other students at school, often bullying them and getting into fights.

Mr. H is a science teacher and basketball coach. He’s been working on a new invention to help prevent violence and increase the peace: The Stoplight Solution. He inspires the three students to clean up their playground to keep it from being closed down. As the students work together, they learn to treat each other with respect and transform the playground from a place where fights happen into a place where friends celebrate peace.

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