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Resilience Squad

Themes: Resiliency, Healthy Communication, Stress, and Social Emotional Wellness
Audience: Grades 9 to 12

Anxiety can negatively affect a teenager’s day-to-day living. For some, the situation may be made worse by past or ongoing experiences with violence, neglect, substance use, or homelessness. The Resilience Squad series of 4 workshops can help high school students better cope with stress and adversity.


Nightmare on Puberty St.

Themes: Peer Pressure and Early Adolescence
Audience: Grades 6 to 8

Growing up might seem tough…but it doesn’t have to be nightmare! Follow Jerry, Malika, Natalie, and Nick as they navigate the rollercoaster of adolescence and wrestle with the age-old question, “Am I normal?” Through a fast-paced show featuring current music and dance, Nightmare on Puberty St. encourages students to talk about critical health issues and ask questions.

Peace Signs

Themes: Conflict Resolution, Bullying and Violence Prevention
Audience: Grades 3 to 6

A playground conflict between Jessie, Trina, and Alex leads to some important lessons about empathy and nonviolence. With a little help from science teacher Mr. H and his unpredictable invention, the Stoplight Solution, the young peacemakers-in-training discover just how much impact they can have on others and their community—and that sometimes, the big changes they want to see in the world must begin with small changes in themselves.

The Best Me

Themes: Healthy Eating and Active Living
Audience: Grades K to 5

The Best Me follows Dani, Kayla, Max, and Tino in their last year of elementary school. When the school’s big talent show is in danger of being canceled, it’s up to the 4 students to save the day. With the help of the audience and a few fantastic new friends, they learn the importance of healthy eating, active living, and working together.