Themes: Resilience, Healthy Communication, Stress, and Mental Health and Wellness

RISE UP is presented free of charge to teachers, school staff, and administrators, and is available for select Resilience in School Environments (RISE) school districts.

Program Description

Resilience In School Environments: Understanding and Practice (RISE UP) is a learning session designed to foster resilience using a trauma sensitive approach to interact with students. Teaching Artists from Kaiser Permanente facilitate the 75-minute session employing theatre, experiential learning and arts integration techniques to engage participants in their own discovery and practical implementation. At the end of the session, participants create a simple action plan to apply the skills and concepts examined in the session.


Activities are designed to provide participants a safe place to practice, question, discover, and learn. They also include large and small group discussion, peer interaction, self-reflection, and kinesthetic experiences. The program is appropriate for teachers, staff, and administrators at a school, and is most effective with 25 to 50 participants. Multiple sessions may be provided to accommodate groups larger than 50, dependent on facilitator availability.

Educational Goals

Through this program, participants learn to

  • Respond and reflect on the importance of building stronger relationships with all students – particularly those who have experienced trauma
  • Introduce alternative forms of discipline, interrupt the school-to-prison pipeline, and foster transformational justice
  • Practice resiliency and self-regulation skills that can be used in student interactions
  • Identify challenging student interactions and how those interactions can be transformed
  • Develop supportive relationships with colleagues

Program Information

  • 75-minute learning session, offered to groups of 15 (minimum) and 50 (maximum)
  • Target audience: teachers, school staff and administrators

Venue Requirements

  • A large open room that accommodates the number of participants
  • Chairs for participants set-up in a semi-circle
  • A minimum of 45 minutes for set-up before learning session, 30 minutes for break-down after


Our mission is to focus on the most vulnerable communities. If you have any questions about your school or community group’s eligibility, please contact us at 1-877-353-2223 to speak with one of our staff.