Director, Educational Theatre, Northern California

Regina Dwerlkotte, PhD
Dr. Regina Dwerlkotte’s commitment to high-quality educational and artistic theatre for children has brought Kaiser Permanente wide acclaim for this free, community benefit program. Dr. Dwerlkotte was instrumental in the creation of Nightmare on Puberty St., a 45-minute journey through the pressures of early adolescence, Peace Signs, a conflict resolution program to “increase the peace” for upper elementary school students, and The Best Me, an elementary school program that inspires healthy eating and active living. She also directed Secrets, a program for high school students about preventing HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted infections. During her tenure, Educational Theatre has inspired over 6 million children throughout California to make better decisions about their health and well-being. Prior to joining the company in 1989, Dr. Dwerlkotte taught for 8 semesters at the University of California, Berkeley, where she received her PhD in dramatic art. There she won numerous awards for her writing, teaching, acting, and directing, including twice receiving the University’s most prestigious award in the arts, the Eisner Prize.


  • Jennifer Oliver, administrative services manager
  • Anneliese Rodriguez, assistant production manager


  • Mario Alvarado, assistant technical director
  • Mary Bell, technical director
  • Steven Payne, project manager
  • Mark Punzal, new media specialist


  • Karen Chin, community health liaison lead
  • Brisheena Baseel, community health liaison
  • Alyssa Esquilin, community health liaison
  • Jenny Galasso, community health liaison
  • Karla Ormond, community health liaison
  • Dean Starnes, community health liaison

Program Creation and Management

  • Galen Brown, program coordinator
  • Keinya Lawrence, program coordinator
  • Charisse Loriaux, program coordinator
  • Jared Randolph, supervisor, educational theatre programs
  • Brendan Simon, supervisor, educational theatre programs