Program Description

More than half of all employees in the American workforce are experiencing burnout and challenges to resiliency, and the COVID-19 pandemic is increasing levels of stress, incidences of trauma, and feelings of helplessness. Kaiser Permanente is responding to this extraordinary moment and the increased demand for access to whole-person health tools, by offering innovative resources that help employees cope and ultimately thrive. 

Kaiser Permanente Educational Theatre Working In Resilient Environments (WIRE) uses the power of theatre and arts-based learning, offers tools and strategies that address stress and burnout, mitigates bias, and fosters a resilient workforce. Leaders and their teams are given a unique opportunity to connect, identify wellness challenges, and identify practical strategies that can improve the employee experience at Kaiser Permanente. 

Working In Resilient Environments (WIRE) offers 2 module options. (Modules are designed to provide participants a safe place to question, discover, and learn. They also include small and large group discussion, self-reflection, roleplays, and kinesthetic experiences.) 

  • Addressing Burnout and Mitigation Bias: This 90-minute, theatre-based workshop explores barriers to resiliency, provides skills and resources that assist in mitigating bias and employing effective allyship, and offers up stress management tools. 
  • Managing Stress and Fostering Resiliency: This 60–75-minute, theatre-based workshop investigates ways to combat burnout, provides stress management and mindfulness tools, and equips leaders with skills that foster empathic responsiveness.

Educational Objectives 

  • Reflect on the importance of addressing burnout,mitigating bias, and managing stress
  • Identify challenges to workforce wellness
  • Discover ways to create more joy-filled workenvironments
  • Practice resiliency and empathy that can be usedduring workforce interactions
  • Develop supportive relationships with colleagues

Program Information 

  • Time: 60-90 minutes (depending on option chosen)
  • Audience: KP leaders and their teams
  • Number of participants: A minimum of 15 and amaximum of 50 (multiple sessions can be provided toaccommodate groups larger than 50)

Technology Requirements

  • Virtual room: Microsoft Teams or Zoom platform
  • Setup: Educational Theatre staff hosts event tomanage platform functionality
  • Time: 15-minute set-up in virtual room beforeworkshop


If you would like to request WIRE, please complete the WIRE interest form. If you would like more information, please email us at